10 Tips On How To Succeed In Hollywood


These tips will help you create a strong resume, put together your portfolio and create a support group to help you succeed in Hollywood.

1. Create social media pages to promote and showcase your work.

2. Surround yourself with other makeup artists and create your own support group. You will need it.

3. Network in social events created for people in your industry.

4. Build your portfolio by doing trade for pictures photo-shoots with photographers, models, makeup artists and hair stylists. 

5. Offer to assist someone you know who is already working in the same field you want to be in. 

6. Internships are a good way to get experience, build your resume, network and create relationships.

7. Belong to social network pages like Model Mayhem. This is great way to let other people know what you do and how good you are.

8. Work at trade shows in your industry or volunteer to be part of it. This is a good way to network with well known cosmetic companies and celebrity makeup artists that can help you open doors.

9. Comp cards, business cards, social media pages and a professionally done website are a must.

10. Always be professional, whether you are getting paid, doing an internship or working for pictures. Always do your best. You never know who might be watching and might like your work.

Have a beautiful day :)!