brushesHopefully if are regularly using makeup brushes for your foundation, blush and eye shadow you are also equally cleaning them!? Washing your makeup brushes should almost be as regular as showering (let’s hope you do that more than once a week). Bacteria, oil, dirt and makeup all get trapped in the bristles of your brushes, and if they aren’t cleaned regularly this will lead to clogged pores and annoying breakouts.

Conventional brush cleaners often contain a ton of alcohol, which can be hard on your brushes and your skin. Luckily for you, you can clean your brushes like a pro at home even if you are on a budget! Do this deep cleaning once a week and do it after you’ve applied your makeup because the brushes will need a couple of hours to dry.

You will need:
• A bowl
• Any gentle Paraben free shampoo (ie. baby shampoo) or Dawn hand soap works well too
• A cloth
• A sink

Instructions:cleaninf Brushes

  1. First begin by rinsing your brushes under warm water. Pay attention to just wetting the actual bristles and not the part where the bristles meet the metal handle. Getting this part wet often will loosen the bristles over time.
  2. If your brushes really need a deep clean you can soak the brush heads (facing downward) as long as the brush is not completely submerged.
  3. Squeeze your shampoo or Dawn into your bowl filled with warm water, gently swirl your brush tip in the water. You might also want to swirl your brush in your clean hand to work up lather the soap into the bristles.
  4. Then rinse the tip of the brush under warm water. Repeat step 2-3 until water runs clear.
  5. Using a cloth, wipe your brush clean while paying attention to keep the shape of your brush.
  6. Lay your brushes flat on a cloth to dry or if you can create a see-saw with a towel and a round object (balance the handles of the wet brushes so they are slightly angled downward). It is very important that they do not dry standing upright, the water will drip into the handle and loosen the glue holding the bristles in.

Is it time to clean your brushes? Do you have a DIY brush cleaner recipe to share?

Leave a comment below!


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