Don’t be Dry & Flaky!


Now that you’ve officially traded your bronzers and shimmery lip-glosses for cheek stains dark lip, it’s time to turn your attention to transitioning your skin routine as well! For me once the weather gets chillier, my skin will begin to feel dry, flaky and even sometimes chapped. Since I usually feel this way as the season’s change I wanted to share my most treasured secrets with you in hopes that they are helpful!

1.) Hot or Not: A hot, steamy shower may feel great, but it’s actually making your dry skin worse.  Your hot showers are stripping your body of its natural oil barrier, and you need that barrier to help retain moisture and keep your skin smooth and moist.  My best tip for this is to immediately slather on my favorite lotion to lock in moisture post shower!

2.) Sunscreen Saver: A lot of people ditch the sunscreen once fall rolls around – BIG MISTAKE! Just because you can’t see the sun’s rays doesn’t mean it isn’t affecting your skin. For those of you who live in snowier areas, the snow’s glare can be especially damaging to your skin.  Make sure to apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen to your face before stepping outside, no matter how gloomy it looks.

3.) Switch It Up: When it comes to your skin routine, fall is the best time to switch to milder cleansers and richer moisturizers. Since the cold weather dries out your skin, help it out by using a creamier lotion or moisturizer.  In my opinion do the same with my makeup products – for example, swap your powder blush for a cream blush to give your skin that dewy glow and it will cover up any dryness that you may have.

4.) Exfoliate Less: When it came to my dry or flaky skin I used to immediately reach for my trusty face brush or exfoliating body wash.  After all, if we can buff away any flakes on our lips, the same should apply to our face and body, right? WRONG!!! Thirsty skin peels, and exfoliating it can lead to more skin irritation and dryness.  Quench your skins thirst by moisturizing and ONLY exfoliate or dry brush afterwards if necessary.

5.) Prime Time: One of my go to products for my face to create that soft and smooth canvas would be to use a primer. As we all know most foundations are usually pretty drying to the skin, although if you apply a primer as your base it will prevent your product from settling into any lines on your skin and will give you that long lasting look morning to night! During the colder months, I also recommend warming up your foundation with your fingers for a smooth, even finish to complete your look.

I hope my tips work for you and if you have any comments, questions or topic requests please find me on Facebook as well Instagram (@rubymakeupacademy)!

Stay tuned!



Pucker Up for Fall!


Now that summer is coming to an end I wanted to share my secret tips and tricks to keep your chapped lips at bay!

I always suggest doing a lip scrub for all of your desired lip looks because there is nothing worse than a bold lip with dry, chapped or flakey lips! No matter if you’re on a budget or you just don’t want to spend $50 on a lip scrub you can use my simple DIY ingredients below to get the results you’re looking for- ENJOY & scrub away!

Ingredients & Directions

2 tsp of sugar

½ tsp of honey

¼ tsp of extra virgin olive oil

½ tsp of vitamin E oil

Petroleum jelly or coconut oil (I use petroleum jelly- it’s not as “runny”)

  1. Mix your sugar, honey, olive oil, and petroleum jelly into a thick paste or scrub texture.
  1. Apply the mixture to your lips and gently scrub in a circular motion (I like to set a timer for 3-5 mins).
  1. Remove the mixture with a warm wash cloth only. Try not to scrub your lips as you don’t want your lips to be raw!
  1. Once the product is removed apply a few drops of Vitamin E oil to your fingers and apply it directly to your lips. Wait a few minutes (do not remove Vitamin E oil) and then apply your petroleum jelly or coconut oil for more of a natural approach.

 I hope you all enjoy my recipe and that it is helpful this coming fall! If you have any questions or suggestions please find me on Facebook or Instagram (@rubymakeupacademy)!


Makeup Artists: 3 Ways to Get More Clients


Happy Thursday, amazing Ruby girls and guys! We put together a few tips for all of you starting out,  on how to grow your client list!

  1. Network on social media and the internet! Make sure you create pages on the top social media sites to keep you connected to this fast paced world. Updated your pages regularly and tag cosmetic companies. Use hashtags as well, you never know who is looking up #makeupartist!
  2. Hand out business cards at wedding shops! It never hurts to have cards available for brides and ladies shopping for formal wear!
  3. Network with wedding planners! They have a constant flow of brides coming through their email asking for references. Offer the wedding planners a trial so they can see your work and feel confident in recommending you to everyone else!

Do you have any tips for networking? We would love to hear them!

Chocolate Bar Palette by Too Faced!

web_chocolatebar_openHappy Wednesday, amazing Ruby girls and guys! We are so excited about the Chocolate Bar palette by Too Faced! It combines two of our favorite things: makeup and chocolate. This guilt free treat offers 16 amazing colors that you can mix and match to create countless looks. The palette is $49 and can be found  on :)!

What’s your current favorite palette?



Melted from Too Faced!


Hi Ruby girls and guys! We hope you’re having an amazing week! We’re so ready for this weekend’s 4th of July celebrations :)!

We have to share these amazing new lip colors from Too Faced Cosmetics. They are super pigmented, wear comfortably, and last for hours. Perfect for date nights and summer parties!

Too Faced Melted:

Get the staying power of a stain, the intense color of a liquid lipstick and the high shine of a gloss in one long-wear formula. Using exclusive technology to keep cauldrons of molten lipsticks liquid and creamy, Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick comfortably coats lips in bursts of intense, high-impact, super rich, saturated color that lasts for hours.

Pick yours up for $21 at!